the glaswegian

A young man’s rise in the dangerous underworld of Glasgow and his search for the truth about his mother’s death, leads him on a quest to find meaning and direction in his life, as he contends with broken promises and betrayal of trust.  (Co-written with Paul Martin)

Durable Goods

Twelve-year-old Katie yearns for love and gentle guidance through her pubescent confusion, while her well-meaning but overbearing widowed Army father, Jack, blunders in coping with the complexities of raising her. Her older sister, Diane, wants to run away with her sweet rural Texas boyfriend, Dickie, while her high-spirited best friend, Cherylanne, offers a humorously convoluted view of the world.  (Adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Elizabeth Berg)

The Book Club  

They thought they knew each other... 7 women … 8 secrets. 

A group of independent women, all members of an exclusive book club, have their convenient lives thrown into chaos with the discovery of a new member’s dangerous secret.  A dark and saucy comedy.

Stranger in the Forest 

With little more than a pair of running shoes, a knife, and shotgun shells for barter, a naïve American follows his dream and plunges into the rugged rainforest jungle of unexplored Borneo. Befriended by shy forest nomads, he manages to stay alive and becomes only the second Westerner in history to walk through the jungle to the other side.  But realizing his reason for doing it was all wrong, he turns back into the jungle and walks across Borneo again, seeking a meaning to it all — never suspecting the way back will be the most difficult journey of all.  A true story.  (Adaptation of the book by Eric Hansen)

Dirty Laundry 

When police return a stolen car to its grateful owner, everything seems fine until the arrival of an attractive stranger who says she left something in the trunk of the car — something personal.  

(RunTime: 9:04)

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circle of fate 

Life situations gone to extremes over the curious ephemeral ownership of a Mont Blanc pen. 

First an interview for a job over lunch goes seriously awry, and a Mont Blanc pen is dropped onto the floor.

Next, when the expensive pen is found the next day, the surrounding irony quickly spirals into unexpected graphic adult violence.  

And just when least expected, childhood innocence puts the chaotic world back in order.  

(RunTime: 10:09)

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