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I grew up in 4 different countries. Languages don't bother me, and I find inspiration in travel and the variety of life. An inner voice brought me from central Texas to Hollywood and a career in movies. 

Arriving with no film-school background, I swept stages, drove trucks, climbed rafters, hung lights, carried equipment, pushed dollies, and worked in almost all departments over the course of 42 features, countless television episodes, independents, shorts, pilots, docos, ultra-low, and major studio.

I watched, listened, learned — joining with new friends, living legends, and rising stars. 

I was fortunate to be mentored by natural-light artist Nestor Almendros, working closely as gaffer and collaborator on award winning features.

Since I had no formal training in film or art, to teach myself composition and better understand its relationship to light, I took a personal sabbatical to Europe and traced the development of art in Western Civilization.

Immersing myself in architecture and painting, I started with the Greeks, continued through Italy and the Renaissance, then into Paris for Romanticism and the Impressionists. 

In quest of the essence of primitive man, I traveled alone into the Lacandon rain forest to find a reclusive, mystical tribe of Maya; forming life-long friendships in this and all my journeys.

These and other seminal events have shaped my creativity  and my life.